The Studio’s philosophy is simple: create, collaborate, and connect. Business is changing and the tried and trusted solutions need a makeover

We’re giving the coworking model a new twist with a focus on creative professionals and special features to help you run your business and achieve your goals.

If you set your own rules, love exploring new frontiers, and have a creative vision that doesn’t necessarily fit the mould, you’ll know what we mean. But here’s a quick run-down, just to clarify…


Boosting Creativity


Ideas thrive in the right environment. It’s like a science lab where each idea gets to react with other ideas… Sometimes you create a completely new element; and sometimes it’s just awesome to watch. Every now and then, there’s a big BOOM that changes everything!

Creativity needs balance, and that’s different for everyone. We’ve made our memberships super-flexible so whether you’re a start-up, freelancer or team, you can choose how much interaction you have. There are also private spaces for when you need time out or a quiet phone call.


Collaboration FTW


Business in London can be pretty cutthroat, but we reckon there’s enough creative work to go around for those of us with the passion and dedication to make it work.

We’re looking for designers, architects, writers, animators, videographers, photographers, and anyone else in a creative field to build a diverse, inspiring community. We’ll help each other grow, and provide each other with the support and insight that we all need – not just in work spaces but with chats in the kitchen, regular informal drinks sessions, and an energising social calendar.


Connecting With People And Information


We know creative brains often aren’t big fans of business admin, so we’re adding tailor-made workshops to help you get your finances, paperwork, marketing and stress management under control. It’s amazing how much more productive we can be once those un-fun things are taken care of!

IT is another major headache for feelancers and small businesses, so our IT support team is at your service anytime your laptop throws a tantrum or won’t talk to the projector. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Of course, sharing a space is also a great way to expand your personal and business networks. We’ll be facilitating business connections and innovative new networking opportunities (watch this space, there’s an exciting project on the horizon!) and there’ll be lots of opportunities to do even more networking at our events.

We’re planning to give our members a helping hand with features in our newsletter and blog, and even a bit of PR for really big achievements. We want to hear your ideas too! If you have a brainwave, want to try something out or get a few minds together, count us in! We want to see these ideas flourish.

Want to see more? Come over and take a tour, or try out a hot desk for a day – we’ve got a few free trials left to give away, so give us a call and see how you can change your world!

By: Shereen Mann



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